"I met Julie at a critical moment in my life, a time of overwhelming fear and self doubt. Julie was the Coach that I needed when I needed one most; she directed me to resources that helped me to understand what I was dealing with more clearly, and to make the necessary changes to overcome my fear and find clarity and focus. Julie helped me to help myself, to understand, challenge, overcome, and move forward. Her style is supportive, firm, focused and above all, effective. I can't thank Julie enough or recommend her more strongly or with more conviction." Howard L., CT

"Julie has coached me through a variety of issues for the last two years.  Some include the following:  Romantic relationships, fear of being alone, self care (in terms of meditation, eating and exercise), and career issues.  She's helped me get "un-stuck" in all of these areas by asking insightful questions, approaching it from a standpoint of spirituality and kindness.  Her DVD "Mindful Movement", she guides you through her daily meditative and physical exercises.  I HIGHLY recommend it!  In her coaching practice, she makes sure the agenda is self-driven and offers her years of study and life experience to help guide her clients toward a more expansive reality.  She makes it clear one has to  be open to the coaching in order for it to work and that it requires effort and dedication.  She practice what she preaches, and I want what she has:  Spiritual, emotional, and physical balance and peace.  Thank you, Julie,  for all of your dedication toward my growth." Portland, ME

"After only one coaching session, lasting one hour, Julie was able to show me a way to listen and love my inner self! That to compromise my true self is unproductive and destructive. An ongoing issue with a close relationship of mine was peacefully resolved due to her guidance. I would recommend Julie's coaching to all who wish to learn to let go and be lifted up from our earthly worries and fears. She is a gifted coach and spiritual guide." Anita, S. CT

"It was happenstance that I reconnected with Julie last summer in Maine while on vacation. I had been struggling with anxiety and feeling a loss of identity after a recent break-up. Certainly there are no coincidences, as I was thrilled to learn of Julie’s work as a holistic life coach. Not knowing what that meant, I trusted my initial reaction to Julie, having felt what people often refer to as “good vibes". I spontaneously scheduled a coaching session. Julie’s active listening skills allowed her to ask me important questions that I had never considered. For example, Me: “I don’t want to lose him.” Julie: “Did you ever have him?” More similar questions helped me create a change in perspective and allowed me to re-write my own story. Julie provided me with resources such as books, websites, mantras, and dietary information. I was listened to, heard, and responded to with recommendations based on my own unique needs. I’m certainly looking forward to next year’s vacation now for more than just the lobster." Patricia W., MA

"Julie and I met several times while I was exploring next steps with my life and career. Julie walked me through the process of exploring my goals and interests that was very helpful. I highly recommend working with Julie to facilitate the creative process of making new beginnings. Her caring approach opened up the possibilities of creating the life I was reaching for." Nicole P., Portland, ME

"I feel the soulful love coming through her words and it makes me feel so much better.
We all have our Godly duties to fulfill and I am telling you, Julie is doing her part now. Her open mind helps those, like me, who are blocked and need help finding their keys to open the doors for themselves." CT

"I really thought I was decided about what to do next (about my work) and then something unexpected happened. When Julie reflected back to me what she was hearing and suggested that maybe I still had more to do/accomplish there; that I possibly wasn't ready to be done yet, I started to realize that she was so right! It's like my "fault line" had a plate shift that day... one for the better! I began coming in to work with a really new attitude and feeling about it all. I rediscovered my love for the work, my "mojo" and perspective about it all.... and a lot of people noticed a shift. I really do attribute it to that moment I had with Julie. That one little pebble really created a giant positive ripple. THANK YOU." Portland, ME

" I can't think of a more wonderful guide for anyone who is struggling, confused or just hoping to bring more joy, gratitude and positive intention into their lives!  I wish you all the very best as you pursue this wonderful new chapter in your life - the world could use more of the creative and positive energy that you continue to bring to it!" J. Brown, CT

"I feel the soulful love coming through her words and it makes me feel so much better.
We all have our Godly duties to fulfill and I am telling you, Julie is doing her part now. Her open mind helps those, like me, who are blocked and need help finding their keys to open the doors for themselves." B. Floyd, MA

"Julie is a happily married mother of two kids who went out of her way [on the Appalachian Trail] to have a conversation with a stranger and in the process, made a difference. I had been struggling for several days with the "why am I out here" question. In the course of a short conversation, she helped me remember that it isn't about hiking to Maine but it is about reinventing myself and rediscovering the best parts of myself. It was time to break away from spending too much time in the casino, putting on too much weight, working a job that felt like a dead end and figure out what I want to be when I grow up. (Interesting that the abbreviation for Maine is ME and the hike is about getting back to Me.) Maybe Julie was actually an angel (I did tell her that she could have been one of the goddesses) and I said that angels didn't have business cards and husbands and kids and dogs. A friend then pointed out that sometimes they do. I'll leave it at that."  D. Miller, WV

(One year later...)"There is not a soul I meet that doesn't soon hear about my personal angel that shared one of the most pivotal, synchronous and important hours of my life.  That walk... that one mile ... was more significant than all eight hundred and forty other miles I walked last year.

Life is good.  I enjoy my job, so the long joys this past month haven't felt like a burden.  My friends comment on how amazing and complete my "reinvention / renovation of Dave" has been! Thank You, Julie." 

"Evolution is a process that requires understanding and intuition.  Julie has experienced life from the outside inward and is able to help guide those seeking their own path to their desired points in life, with her non-judgemental views and open and free flowing soul.  She is a grounded woman with a creative nature that is reflected in all that she says and does.  Her jewelry is just another result of her outpouring of love and connectedness with nature.  She is a gift to be shared and treasured." K. Rifflard, CT

"The vibration from Julie's heart was immediate and fluid moving me to tears. It was something I hadn't felt in a long time. It was like sitting under a waterfall of light." CT

"It has been such a gift to have Julie as a friend throughout my life!ulie has always had a the unique ability to forge her own path. Throughout our entire friendship she has always had an admirable sense of independence that lead her to experiences I wish I had been brave
enough to do myself. No matter how much time has passed, it is an immense pleasure to be
sharing a sunny morning and a cup of coffee together.  Most especially, in a time of personal struggle on my part, Julie was the only person who was able to reach out and share her life perspectives in a way that has tremendously helped in getting myself headed in a whole new direction.Her approach to life has always been one that I hold as an example to follow. I will always hold dear her friendship, warmth, and just being !!" E. Lynch, MA

"Julie’s kindness, intuition and ability to “feel” what’s next are very powerful  strengths and what makes her a great friend and coach. We shared many stories and situations together and because of these qualities I was able to move forward in my life’s calling. I’ve never been happier!" A. Falter, CT

"Julie's advice and spiritual guidance during my divorce was, truthfully, the light that kept me going. Thanks to her my life feels so much more authentic, vibrant and inspired." VA

"Julie's inner force gave me the courage to quit my miserable job. She made the process of seeking new employment full of joy, gratitude and mystery. The words Thank-You don't even come close to the appreciation I have for her and how she has illuminated the way in which this amazing Universe works." CT

"It has been a much better year and it has been very interesting going through the year and coming up to benchmarks where I know how bad I felt last year.  Julie has been a huge help in my personal efforts." MA

"I am glad we met.  Julie has been a sounding board that helps me realize how well I have dealt with my challenges.  It helps to spur me on during a difficult time, when even someone as aware as I wonders why." T. Leamy, CA

"Our meeting was providential. Thank you for your help during a very critical period." M.E. Hare, ME

"Thank you for filling our home with love and making our world a better place." J.B., CT

"A white light is what I feel right now ...it feels amazing to have such a burden lifted from ones shoulders. My immediate perceptivity and awarness have increased tenfold.  It's as if a switch was turned on in a dark room. Thank you for  helping me to  let go of that which held me back from my true  karmic path ....again, how do i say thank you  thank you   thank you !!!!" J.D., ME

"Julie has changed my life with her honesty, caring, wisdom and love. She can undo knots of lifelong problems and help you to find your own way to your own best solutions." Alexis M., CT