Support for the Caregiver & Beyond

Whether you are a professional caregiver or parent, caregiving is one of the most important and overlooked jobs in the nation. The ripple effect, positive or negative, of caring for others can influence generations to follow. Consider the guidance of someone who has experienced extreme caregiving and the wisdom gleaned through her period of intense service while devising a solution for her own wellbeing. 

Creating a solid foundation for your role as caregiver is the best investment you can make.  Whether you are a parent, lending longterm care for a family member, an in-home health-care aid or nurse the quality of care you are able to provide starts with you, because as you may already well know, it becomes quickly apparent that "One cannot give what one does not have."

Julie's acute experience in the role as caregiver was formed giving end-of-life care to both of her parents while simultaneously raising her one and three year old children. Along the way she learned, first hand, the inherent struggles and challenges that, with intention, dicipline and self-love she was able to overcome and thrive.

The take-away from your sessions with Julie, The Caregiving Coach,  will reach far beyond your role as caregiver. You and those who have been in your care will enter the next chapter filled with strength, resilience, love, beauty and peace.

Julie has served as a coach for five years and volunteered in the Hospice community for two. Her compassion for the caregiver, in search of themselves amidst the stormy seas, is conveyed through her work with clients and her DVD series,

Mindful Movement: Support for the Caregiver & Beyond 

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a transformative alliance designed to forward and enhance your journey of learning, effectiveness, fulfillment and joy. As a professionally certified coach, Julie is trained to assist iin optimizing people's performance and efficacy.  Coaching moves people from potential to achievement. Those who desire total life-fulfillment benefit immensely from Coaching. It is a powerful co-creative partnership that empowers both personal and professional success.

Life Coaching is a confidential client/coach agreement that is  designed to fit your specific needs and aspirations. You will create your own agenda. Deep listening and powerful questions will be provided to help you access your inherent wisdom. In addition, tools and exercises are provided to facilitate values clarification, brainstorming, action steps, and a structure for accountability. Your desired objectives become Julie's fuel that will provide a  continuing source of empathy, understanding, energy, enthusiasm, humor and encouragement.

Julie can help you find the answers to your important questions, clarify values, articulate goals, define strategies, deepen your learning, forward the action, and challenge you to your vision.

Fees & Packages:

30 minute sample session - free

Individual sessions (90 minutes) -  $297

1 month (4, 90 min. sessions) - $997

3 months (12, 90 min. sessions) - $2797

6 months (24, 90 min. sessions) - $5497

1 year $9,997

::48, 90 min. sessions
::2, emergency calls
::complementary copies of Mindful Movement 1 & 2

Emergency coaching/advice (30 minutes) - $150

Sharing wins & challenges with enrolled clients
(5 minutes) - free

Email contact with enrolled clients (unlimited)

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*After scheduling your appointment, a paypal receipt will be sent to your primary email address and will reflect your requested coaching package. All fees must be paid in full prior to your session(s).

*Sessions can be in-person, over the phone or via Skype.
"One cannot give what one does not have."