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• Learn Strategies for Mind, Heart, Body & Soul         to boost your resilience during challenging times.

• Teaches Breathing & Meditation Techniques             so that you can manage stress more effectively.

• Restore your Fundamentals of Self-Love                  because “You cannot give what you do not have.”

• Adds Structure so that you feel more in control       of your unique caregiving circumstances.

• Efficient & Convenient so that you can make yourself a priority with a schedule that works for you.
JewelTree of Life Chakra Series
Caring for yourself is the most important and critical aspect in your role as caregiver, parent (or both). Allow the JewelTree of Life chakra pendants to delineate greater harmony and balance within by raising awareness to the seven human consciousness centers in conjunction with the anatomy and life affirming qualities of a tree. When you are grounded in nature and atuned with your subtle energy centers, the quality of care you give yourself and others will resound with purpose & well-being. Julie's intimate connection with the natural world along with the bold and artisanal quality of her castings convey a unique style and unsurpassed quality.

"I met Julie at a critical moment in my life, a time of overwhelming fear and self doubt. Julie was the Coach that I needed when I needed one most; she directed me to resources that helped me to understand what I was dealing with more clearly, and to make the necessary changes to overcome my fear and find clarity and focus. Julie helped me to help myself, to understand, challenge, overcome, and move forward. Her style is supportive, firm, focused and above all, effective. I can't thank Julie enough or recommend her more strongly or with more conviction." Howard L., CT

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"You cannot give what you do not have."
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Grateful Life Today" Special Caregiver Edition

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"I LOVE my necklace. Martha, Koelle and I all agree that our heart chakra pendants have tremendously good juju." Bridgette Boudreau, CEO - Martha Beck, Inc.
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